Future of Farming in the UK After Brexit

    Brexit carries certain serious problems relating to British farms because of support from the EU farmers are receiving. 

    It is more serious than one would think because EU's subsidies form 2/3 of overall income of many farmers in the UK. However, the UK government promised to keep the subsidies the same until 2020.

    Nevertheless, there are going to be obstacles for Britain with trade because of lack of free trade. Although, the UK could negotiate to keep free trade. But, if it does not succeed it will have to find ne trading partners. It can be difficult considering that value of pound dropped.

    Another option for the UK is to enter into an agreement with World Trade Organisation (WTO). 

    Nevertheless, some positive changes are also possible similar to what happened in New Zealand. Reduction of subsidies in this country at firts resulted in losses but then incomes gradually increased.

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