Priests Who Could Never be Born

When thinking about an unborn baby we never know what importance for the world that specific child has. One of the most incredible stories about babies born despite doctors advices is the story of birth of two priests. 
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Paulo and Felipe are twins born in 1984 in Lagunillas de Casablanca. They were born despite the fact that doctors advised abortion to their mother. 

Before she found out that she was pregnant she was endangered by radiation during an X-ray while performing her duties as a paramedic. During ultrasonography which she had soon after she discovered that she was pregnant, a doctor told her that her baby has three hands, entangled legs and two heads.

As horrific as it sounds it would be an obvious decision for some women to have abortion right away. Especially as it was legal for her to have abortion considering that her life was also endangered. But, she refused. 

She then gave birth to perfectly healthy twins. They are now Catholic priests. 

This story shows that even doctors cannot predict how a particular pregnancy will turn out. 

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