Bracelets and Symbols

It is now fashionable to wear silver bracelets where people attach certain charms as symbols of what is important for them. I will describe a few of what I consider to be very cute and interesting charms.

Heartfelt Charm
This charm was created by combining little open hearts together. It can be used a symbol of love which can take many forms.
There is love between boyfriend and a girlfriend, husband and wife, mother and children and
between siblings so it is a universal charm to represent all of the different kinds of love.

Guarian Angel Wings Charm
One of the most popular pandora charms is a Guardian Angel Wings Charm.
A lot of people believe in spiritual beings who watch over us to protects us from everyday evil.
This is a symbol of such an angelic protection sent by God.

Best Frieds Charm
It is a hearth-shaped sterling silver charm with "Best Friends" engraved on it.
Best friends are those who are able to sacrify one's own life for the other person. 

Love and Family Charm

Love and Family Charm features "Family"on one side and "Love" on the other.
It also has a lot of smilying faces engraved. It represents the importance of family for every human and happiness it brings for people. Therefore, it is a perfect gift for a parent or siblings.

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