Americans Want Stricter Abortion Law

One can find it durprising that according to Marist Poll 81% of Americans want stricter abortion law. A lot of people calling themselves pro-choice also think that abortion law in America is too liberal. 

An enormous number of 81% of respondents think that late abortion should not be legal at all. They argue that all abortions should be limited to the first trimester. Surprisingly, such a solution is supported by 66% of people who are pro-choice. 

Moreover, three quarters of respondents (77% of all people asked, including 79% of women and 71% who are pro-choice) think that mothers and unborn babies should get equal protection. It shows that majority of Americans consider life of the mother not more important than life of her unborn child.

Besides, majority (60%) of respondents said that killing of unborn babies is immoral. It shows that there is no widespread acceptance of abortion in America. 
Additionally, 70% of respondents claim that taxpayers should not pay for abortions. It is because people should not be forced to fund procedures of abortion which they consider to be immoral.

What more, majority of respondents think that doctors and other medical staff should have a right to refuse participation in procedures of abortion.

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