Why should we ask saints for their help?

According to the Catholic Church saints are those who have already gained eternal life and who pray for those who are still on Earth. How many saints there are in heaven is unknown. There are many saints whose names and biographies are well known but there are also many saints whose lives are unknown. They also pray for us. But, why is it worth to turn to saints while we have Jesus and Mother Mary to look after us?

One would say that Jesus was both man and God so his life was different than ours. But, Mother Mary was a human so she could understand our lives better. However, she was born without original sin. So, her life was easier as she was free from any sin. 

Saints were normal people like each of us. So, they understand our problems with children, addictions, diseases, etc as they went through them already. As they are already in heaven and pray for people all the time we can ask a chosen by us saint to pray for us. 

Ivo of Kermartin is a patron of lawyers, John of God of alcoholics, Saint Monica is the patron of difficult marriages… Each saint had to work out how to solve a particular problem and if we seek their advice and prayer they can help us solve them as well. 

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