Possessed by Alcoholism

Alcoholism means physical or mental addiction to alcohol. People addicted to alcohol often deny that they have a problem but there are certain symptoms which make it clear that a particular person suffers from this long-term disease.

A person is an alcoholic if he has no control over how much he drinks. It can also be a sign of addiction if someone has to drink more than others or than he did previously to get the same effect. 

Moreover, people addicted to alcohol very often have withdrawal symptoms. It means that when they stop drinking they feel sick, they are shaking or sweating. They may also suffer from anxiety.

Another symptom of alcoholism is when someone spends a lot of time drinking and then recovering. Some people even quit their other activities like hobbies or even their jobs so that they could drink. 

But, the clearest sign that someone is addicted to alcohol is that such a person tries to reduce the amount of alcohol he drinks or to quit drinking totally but he is unable to do so. 

If a person noticed that his drinking has a negative influence on his relationships, on his job or on his health and he continues to drink regardless, it can also indicate alcohol dependency.

People who notice such problems with drinking should consult a doctor and seek professional help for their own good and for the good of their families. 

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