Muslims in Germany Convert to Christianity

According to the report done by Atlantic Muslim refugees in Germany convert to Christianity. Some of them converted to Christianity even before coming to Europe but they were unable to live openly as Christians in their home countries. Others converted in Europe after meeting Christians and receiving help from them.
“I wouldn’t say I was a Muslim [before],” one of such converted to Christianity Muslims said. “I didn’t go to a mosque for an entire year. Now I am going to church every week.”

One former Muslim said that he read the Bible back at home but he converted fully in Germany. “Before it was just theoretical to me, but now I can see it and feel it by my pastor’s kindness.”

Another one said that Christians he met “were kind people.“ He also added that "in Iran, we became Muslim by force.”

So, for many Muslims, coming to the EU is a chance to be able to freely practice Christianity or to convert to Christianity if Islam did not seem right for them. 

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