Muslim Bus Driver Prays on a Street while Returning from a School Trip

A lot of people of different religions pray every day as they were taught by their parents. For some people it is an obligation, a pleasure or time of relaxation. Such a right to pray cannot be taken away by anyone.

But, as we have duties at work and at home it is not always possible to regularly pray at the same time each day. It is therefore hard to imagine situation where a mother ignores her crying baby and continues to pray or that an employee suddenly leaves a business meeting to talk to God. It would be extremely irresponsible and irrational because we can arrange our time in such a way to have time for both responsibilities and prayers.

But, there are circumstances where people have so many responsibilities that they cannot find time to pray during a week at all. Then, feeding you baby or working for upkeep of the family are sufficient prayers. In such situations a short “Thank you God for all the good and bad things which happened today” is enough. 

But, of a different opinion was a Muslim school bus driver who in October 2016 who stopped on a busy road to pray. Parents were furious as he was putting their children’s lives at risk.
Children were returning home from London after a school trip. They were just a mile from their point of destination- Meon Junior School in Southsea, Hants, outside Portsmouth city centre. At that time the driver stepped down from the bus with a prayer mat. He took off his shoes and washed his feet. Then he prayed looking in the direction of a Mecca.

His behaviour frustrated his 50 passengers who remained in the bus. They included children, their parents and teachers who did not know what to do about strange behaviour of their driver.
Moreover, the bus stopped on the single carriageway road which resulted in other drivers beeping and swerving to avoid the coach.  

This event was certainly stressful for those involved which indicates that people have to treat their duties seriously and organise their time accordingly.

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