Making Fun of Virgin Mary

Charlie Hebdo published offensive cartoons of Islamic prophet, Mohammed in 2012. In the same magazine cartoons of Virgin Mary and of the pope Francis were published in the same style.

Therefore, a lot of people like Francine Prose, an American novelist, felt offended by it. She even compared it to Goebbel’s anti-Seminitic propaganda.
Katha Pollitt, an American feminist poet, moreover, sees it as an attack against Catholic Church while Justice Minister Christiane Taubira does not see anything offensive in those cartoons. But, generally Catholics were enormously critical of the magazine for its publications.

It shows that people have different views about what is offensive but it is certain that religious symbols and religious figures should be treated and presented with respect. Therefore, freedom of expression under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights needs to be balanced with freedom of religion under Article 9. 

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