Lifestyle of a Big Family

A lot of people think that having children causes financial difficulties, stress and a lot of duties. But, a recent study shows that families with four or more children are far more satisfied with their family life than other families.

It was a five-year study conducted by psychologists about life satisfaction. Families received questionnaires about satisfaction in their life. According to these questionnaires parents with four or more children were the most satisfied while single fathers were the least satisfied. The study was carried out by Bronwyn Harman from the Edith Cowan University in Australia. 

Hundreds of families were interviewed and asked about the rate of satisfaction. Those families with four or more children claimed to be very satisfied because of a large support network provided by the family and because they were “rarely bored”. 

39% of 2000 parents interviewed said that not having secrets is necessary to have a loving relationship. Also, 32% of parents said that not arguing in front of the children is crucial to lead a stress free family life.

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