Irreversible Decisions

Abortion is a decision made by women who do not want to have children but their decision can change over time. They can decide that they are in a better financial situation or that their personal life is more stable now to have a baby. They may want to try to get pregnant again after their first child turned out to be disabled. But, they may not be able to conceive again and it is a consequence of abortion which they had.

It can occur because of perforation of the uterus wall where a medical instrument goes through the wall of the uterus. In such situations a hysterectomy may be necessary. It is a surgery where part or all of the uterus is removed. After this procedure it is not possible for a woman to conceive again. It can also result in problems with feeling pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Another problem with conceiving after abortion can occur when genetic material called Rh factor found on the surface of red blood cells is different than of her foetus. In such cases women must take medications to prevent a situation when antibodies are created. It would lead to endangering future pregnancies.

Moreover, any complication can lead to a lack of a possibility to conceive again. If a woman had multiple abortions chances that she will not be able to have another child are greater.

Lack of a possibility to conceive is a very serious complication of abortion which is irreversible. Women must certainly take it into account when making a decision about abortion.

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