Gosnell’s House of Horrors

At every abortion clinic murders of unborn babies take place. But, sometimes even new-born babies are killed because what is the difference between a child in the womb or outside? - It is the same baby.

Such a way of thinking resulted in horrible events which were commemorated in July 2016 by pro-life advocates who organised a march to Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” in Philadelphia. There was a Catholic Mass which preceded the rally attended by 30 people. They marched to Kermit Gosnell’s former abortion facility to pray and demand from the Democratic Party to stop promoting abortion.
At this clinic three late-term new-born babies were murdered. Gosnell also contributed to the death of a female patient.

Moreover, it is suspected that Gosnell killed hundreds of new-born babies and injured dozens of women. Unfortunately, the government did not notice the problem for years because of lack of oversight of abortion facilities. There was only enough evidence to convict him of three murders of babies and one manslaughter of a woman.
Shockingly Gosnell’s staff confirmed during court trials that women gave birth to late-term babies at his clinic. He or someone else from the staff then snipped the backs of babies’ necks with scissors.

After these murders were revealed, regulations were passed to control abortion facilities. These were based on recommendations made by a jury. Nevertheless, many democrats oppose them and call for an end to all abortion regulations. Its purpose is to have a legislature which would allow women to have abortion for any reason during 9 months pregnancy funded by taxpayers.

Nevertheless, one would say that Kermit Gosnell was just a one psychopath and something like this would not happen again. But, there were many staff members who contributed to these murders. Mothers of these new-born babies also participated in killing their children by giving consent. It is therefore terrifying how people can ignore their conscience and participate in murders of defenceless babies. It shows a strong need to make people aware of importance of life.

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