Count to Ten and Stress Goes Away

Some people have a problem with managing stress or anxiety. They seek doctors’ help in the form of counselling or medications but there are also methods of self-help which everyone can try.

One of such methods is to take breaks and step back from problems. You can listen to music or get a massage to stop thinking about what upsets you. You can always carry your favourite book with you or an MP4 player with relaxing music to forget about the world around you.

Another method is to count to 10 slowly which helps to relax and focus on counting instead of on an upsetting event.

Trying to maintain positive attitude is also a solution. You can always try to get rid of negative thoughts and try to think positively.

These are just some examples of steps which one can take in stressful situations. Although, some problems may seem to deserve to be worried about, such methods can help everyone to control one’s negative emotions.

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