Abortion as a Danger for Women

Abortion is a serious procedure which is often argued to be good for women and for it to be their right. Those who argue against abortion are often seen to be against women. But, some serious complications which women can have after abortion show that those who fight against this procedure protect them from health or life threatening complications. 

One of such serious complications can include heavy bleeding (hemorrhaging). To deal with this problem medications, repeat suction or even a surgery may be needed. Heavy bleeding can especially be caused by perforation of the uterus wall.  

Another complication after abortion is blood clots in the uterus which cause severe cramping. It occurs in 1% of all abortions. In such situations a repeat suction is necessary to remove the clots.
One of the most severe negative results of abortion include what is called an incomplete abortion. It can also result in heavy bleeding as foetal parts are left behind after the abortion procedure. This happens very often as in 36% of abortions through labour induction procedure, as Louisiana Department of Health reports.
Cut or torn cervix is another of the possible complications which happens in 1% of all abortions.
Perforation of the uterus wall can also take place in one out of 500 abortions. It occurs when a medical instrument goes through the wall of the uterus. It can result in infection, heavy bleeding or both. Moreover, a surgery to repair the uterine tissue or even hysterectomy may be essential. Hysterectomy is a surgery where part or all of the womb is removed.

Women have a right to know that after abortion heavy bleeding can occur, that another surgery may be necessary and more importantly, that they womb may have to be removed.