Muslims on Streets

Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights provides for freedom of religious manifestation both in public and private places. However, it is not free from restrictions which can take a form of a ban for Muslims on praying on streets in Paris.

They were praying on streets and pavements because they could not find enough space in mosques. However, they were causing obstructions which is not surprising considering that 10% of population in France are Muslims. 
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As the numbers are so high there were situations where even 1000 people prayed on two streets. However, as a solution two local mosques agreed in 2015 to rent out empty barracks for three years to allow them to pray there. 

However, Marine LePan from the French National Front says that Muslims used prayers for political reasons. It can mean that Muslims were praying on streets to be noticed and show that they form a significant part of the community.

Despite these problems with Muslims praying on streets, emergency laws were introduced in December 2015 to be in force only for three months. Its purpose was to shut down places promoting radical views and unlicensed mosques. Therefore, between 100 and 160 mosques were planned to be closed to achieve public safety.

However, similarly to those prayers on streets in Paris, in October 2015 hundreds of Muslims prayed on Parliament Square in London. It was an event organised by Muslim organisation called Muslim Climate Change Action. However, one would think that their intention was to draw attention to their Islamic faith.

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