Muslims Devastate Monastery in Ratisbona

With increasing immigration of Muslims to Europe it is interesting to consider their attitude towards Christians. One of very recent examples from June 2016 which shows how Muslims behave is when refugees damaged fresco with religious motives in the monastery of Saint Michael in Ratisbona.
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What they have done to the whole monastery is horrifying and shocking. But, it is a result of allowing these 280 refugees who were seeking asylum to live there. However, their presence there for less than a year brought horrendous damages. 

The greatest loss which they caused was the destroyed fresco but they also damaged floors, stairs, and old lamps in this historic barroccan monastery. Unbelievably, the total loss amounted to €353,000.

Therefore, Christians should seek damages from these people and demand for authorities their punishment. But, mayor of the city Joahim Wolbergs does not seem to be surprised by what happened there as he said that these devastations are normal consequences of using the building. 

Moreover, he said that this is understandable that those young people were playing football there. Although, Christians should feel offended by such a lack of respect for this monastery. But, even if Muslims do not have a bit of respect for Christians they should at least respect the historical value of the building in which they were living. 

But, as this is not enough, mayor of the city said that the city will invest another € 500,000 to rebuild the monastery to create flats with kitchens and bathrooms for refugees and their families. Apparently, he did not see anything wrong with their behaviour as the same group of people will move in there again after the renovation.

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