Mother's Love

For many women giving birth is very painful but also the happiest day in their lives. But, what would you do if you had to choose between your life and a life of your child?
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In 2014, Karisa Bugal of Aurora, Colorado had exacly such a dilemma after she has been informed by doctors that she had a condition called amniotic fluid embolism. It is very rare and occurs when protective fluid which is around a baby escapes into the woman’s body. It is very dangerous as it destroys internal organs. 

Once she found out about what condition she is in she had to make the toughest decision in her life. She could have a surgery to save her life but it could endanger her baby. Another option was to have a caesarean which would save her baby but which could result in her death. 

She chose the latter to avoid any risk to her baby's health. She died shortly after giving birth leaving her husband, the new born baby and another child, a toddler.

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