Catholic Churches Turned into Mosques

Population of Muslims in Europe is uncontrollably increasing which should make Christians think about their own faith. It is because it seems like it is being replaced by Islam, especially in France. It takes a form of closing down Christian churches or changing them into mosques while Muslims build new places of worship all the time to fulfil the need of these communities. 

Although, to get an approval from the relevant authorities to build a place of worship zoning, architecture and historic preservation are taken into account. So, it can become a difficult process to build a new mosque.

Nevertheless, Dalil Baubakeur, rector of the Grand Mosque in Paris and the President of the French Council of Muslim Faith said that there are already 2,500 mosques in France. There are also 300 mosques under construction but 5,000 more are needed, according to him, because of such a high number of Muslims in France. Therefore, Baubakeur argues that empty catholic churches can be turned into mosques. It cannot escape notice that if Catholics attended these churches no one would come up with such an idea. 

But, because of secularisation Catholic churches remain empty while population of Muslims in France is the largest in Europe. Therefore, Muslims can successfully argue that they have a huge need for new places of worship. 

However, the fact that believers of Islam demand such a high number of mosques has been criticised by the National Front Party. Florian Philippot, vice-president of this party argued that there is no need for more mosques as “100 percent of places of radicalisation are mosques”.

Therefore, the leader of the party Marine Le Pen called to stop construction of new places of worship for Muslims. She said that origins of their financing should be verified first as there are some animosities with regard to this matter.

However, French Prime Minister Marvel Valls referred to this issues by saying that Islam causes prejudices and is often rejected but nothing will change the fact that it is second the largest religious group in France. 

But, one thing is certain- while there are practicing Muslims places of worship will have to be provided for them. So, whatever one thinks about Islam it is sad to notice that Catholic churches become increasingly empty.