Name Your Future

When introducing yourself, on your CV or on your Facebook account the first thing to notice about you is your name. But, what does it say about you? What were your parents inspired by to give you such a name? 

When expecting a baby parents have to decide what name to choose for him or her. Every parent takes different factors into account. Some people name their child with a name of its grandfather, or its grandmother if it’s a girl. They may, especially, consider naming their baby after a very successful person in a family such as an inventor, genius scientist or a war hero. 

Is it done in a memory of such a person or is it done in hope that their child will develop the same characteristics as its ancestor? Whatever the reason people love names with which they have some warm memories. This is why in the past, parents often named their babies after kings or other important figures.Image result for Choice of names
But, Christians also take into account what saints or blessed will become patrons of their children. It is important as when a child has a name of a particular saint that child is considered to be especially watched by that saint. But, to notice wider influence of such a saint in his/her life it is important for that child to pray to God on that saints behalf. 

Another reason why parents read biographies of saints before choosing a name for their child is to give a good example for their child to follow. Saints give examples of how to deal with certain problems, how to overcome our own weaknesses and how to see the good side of life without complaining about things over which we have no control.

One of such examples is Joanna Beretta Molla who showed that she valued the life of her baby more than her own as she died while giving birth. There is also Saint John the Apostol who always followed God’s will. Saint Monica is also a great example for girls as she showed great faith and patience while praying for 30 years for her son’s conversion. A very good example for today’s world is also Saint Rita who fought for peace among two families. She also prevented her sons from revenge for the death of their father. With her life she showed that love and respect are more important than revenge and hatred.

On the other hand, parents often follow a certain fashion when choosing a name for their child. Therefore, naming a child like a famous actress or a model is an often practice. Sometimes, the name may just sound nice and parents do not even know what it means but they decide to name their child like that regardless. 

It is, therefore, a good idea to find out what a particular name literally means as some names can be translated. For example, Dominic originates from the Latin name Dominicus and it means “of the Lord”. Angelica is also a Latin name meaning “Angel” or “Like an Angel”. So, it is worth to choose a name for your child carefully as it will have to live with it its whole life.

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