Labour Crisis

After Brexit the Labour Party stepped into a serious inner crisis which can result in complete transformation of the party. The source of those issues is the fact that the Labour Party unsuccessfully campaigned to remain in the EU. After things went not the way it intended a wave of pretences followed directed at the leader Jeremy Corbyn. Will he resign? What is the future of the Labour Party?
One of the events following Brexit was dismissal of the foreign secretary Mr Benn. The reason put forward by Corbyn was that he lost confidence in him. But, Mr Benn described the situation from a different angle. He explained while appearing in the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that members of the party were full of concerns whether Corbyn leads the party in the right manner and whether his chances to win next elections have decreased as a result of Brexit. Mr Benn being one of them says he has been dismissed shortly after he expressed his opinion about the current leader not being able to win next elections. He said that “He is a good and decent man but he is not a leader. That is the problem."
Mr Benn was not isolated in his opinion that Jeremy Corbyn should resign. Therefore, it is possible that other shadow ministers will resign shortly. Such a situation is a result of a possibility of next elections as the Prime Minister resigned from his post. Many members of the party think that it could be the end of the Labour Party with Jeremy Corbyn as a leader.
One of those persons is Ms Alexander, a member of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet who resigned recently. She said in a letter sent to the Labour Leader that: "As much as I respect you as a man of principle, I do not believe you have the capacity to shape the answers our country is demanding and I believe that if we are to form the next government, a change of leadership is essential."
But, there are as many different opinions as there are members of the party. There are also those who see Corbyn as a brilliant leader. One of those people is the Business Secretary Sajid who expressed his full confidence in his leadership pointing to his “incredible achievements”. He says that he would regret to see Jeremy Corbyn resign from his post. Additionally, Corbyn himself does not intend to resign as he claims that there is nothing that he could have done more to prevent Brexit.